“I became a rabbi because I wanted to bring people nearer to God.” (Steve Foster)
“The synagogue is a place where congregations ought to be committed to social justice.” (Rabbi Steve Foster)
"For me it was a God moment.” (Rabbi Steve Foster)
"The poor Christ always comes back to haunt and—in the end—empower us." (Fr. Gary Smith, SJ)
"Those people you’ve helped along the way. That’s worth everything.” (Joe Hight)
"To ensure that future journalists not only have the reporting skills to compete but also the emotional and psychological skills needed in order to…
"Journalists must realize that stories having the most effect will be those about victims’ lives." (Joe Hight)
"Many individuals flourish under stress." (Jim Willis)

February 2023

He was an overgrown Spanky who led a gang of Miami University rascals for four years before his tragic death.
Hight was no Hamlet. He was born to lead.
“Journalists are the public’s surrogates as witnesses to grief, suffering, and tragedy." (Barb Monseu)
“Newsgathering can be hazardous to your emotional health." (David Handschuh)