Having bid adieu to parents, relatives and close friends, I believe it is up to us survivors to preserve and honor their memories.
Sometimes a bond formed early in life ends quickly and unexpectedly.
I’m not much of a risk-taker nor an adrenaline junkie. My adventures have been modest in scope and duration. Though in my mid-twenties, I briefly but…
Like many writers, I exist on the periphery of real life. Though strange-but-true events do intrude on my predictable routines.
When men and women go to war, they face their fears and cope as best they can.
Another senior citizen stating the obvious: What we take for granted in youth, we treasure in old age. The “once-upon-a-time” list grows in…
I don’t believe in celebrity autographs unless you’re asking for an ill child, young fan or aging relative. But I enjoy sharing my encounters with…
We Boomers love to brag about our wonderful childhoods, whether they were or not.
That transaction made some people very wealthy, but its repercussions buffeted our family for decades.
Dad's teaching continued until the very end, and his legacy endures.
My dreams in the summer of '69 ended because of an abrupt relocation and my parents' deception.
Rather than quit the sport I loved, I found comic relief in a goofy TV program. It was inspiration for me and a bunch of other benchwarmers during a…